Supreme Twin Mattress Innerspring w/Visco by Moonlight Slumber

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Supreme Twin Mattress Innerspring w/Visco
Supreme Twin Mattress Innerspring w/Visco
Supreme Twin Mattress Innerspring w/Visco
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Do you love the Starlight Support mattress but are lookingfor even greater comfort for your toddler? Consider theStarlight Support Supreme. This unbelievable mattressis our most luxurious. In addition to all of the benefitsof our Starlight Support mattress, the Starlight SupportSupreme has an additional layer of plushness. The infantside remains standard with the high density extra firm foamfound in our Starlight Support mattress, but the firm foamtoddler side is layered with a viscoelastic ďmemory foam.ĒViscoelastic foam, originally designed by NASA, now can befound in premium toddler and youth mattresses everywherewith Moonlight Slumber.The Starlight Support Supreme memory foam mattress ishypoallergenic, antimicrobially treated, and open flameresistant. It provides your older baby (9+ months), withthe ultimate sleep comfort by conforming to your childíscontours, supporting their growing joints, and keepingtheir spine in perfect alignment. For the ultimate incomfort, look to the Starlight Support Supreme.
Feature: 38 x 75 x 7_
Feature: Do you have a child ready to leave the crib?Starlight Support mattresses are also available in twinand full sizes with all of the same features as t
Feature: Welcome to Moonlight Slumber, home of premium sleepproducts for the health and comfort of your little dreamer.At Moonlight Slumber, we know that you
Feature: Each Starlight Support mattress comes standard with an internalFire Barrier making it open flame resistant.• Squared edges promote a tight fit in th
Feature: Designed with advanced health, safety and comfort standards, the Starlight Support mattress from Moonlight Slumber is a premiummattress for the most
• Starlight Support mattresses are antimicrobial—treated inside andout to prevent bacteria growth for the lifetime of your mattress.• Seams “welded” with an ultrasonic radio frequency means thereare no needle holes in your Baby’s mattress cover keeping out dustmites and germs.• Starlight Support mattresses come standard with a premium tickingthat is stain resistant, fire-resistant, waterproof, and completelyantiallergenic, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.• Our premium ticking, standard on all mattresses, is so supple thatyou will not need a mattress pad. Ridding your crib of a mattress padis yet another way to eliminate dust mites.• No taped edges. The decorative tape, or roll, that is standard oftypical mattress seams actually prevents fluid run-off by absorbingexcess body fluids. The damp cording then becomes host to bacteria.Starlight Support’s welded seams eliminate the need for taped edgesand, therefore, eliminate the unintended parascopic guests.
Each Starlight Support crib mattress is equipped withtwo levels of firmness—one per side. There is an extrafirm side for infants and a firm side for older babiesand toddlers.Our premium, woven four-way stretch ticking resistscracking, warms under your baby, and cleansbeautifully. Simply damp sponge and your mattressis as good as new.Whether you choose the high-density foam or themore traditional foam encapsulated innerspringmattress, you are assured a safe, healthy, comfortablemattress for your baby.
The smooth lines and six-inch depth of the StarlightSupport mattresses pull your sheet taut for a beautifullymade bed that shows your bedding to the best ofits advantage.The removal of the decorative taping or edging that isfound on traditional mattresses means that there is noridge to detract from your bedding’s appearance.
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